A fast 5 miler set in a tranquil country park tucked away in the Darran Valley, two miles north of Bargoed. Built on the site of Ogilvie Colliery and its spoil tips, Ogilvie Colliery was the largest of the collieries in the Darran Valley and at its peak employed up to 1,500 men and boys. The first coal was raised in 1923 and the colliery closed in 1975. The colliery was the location for a 1973 episode of Dr Who, The Green Death, with Jon Pertwee.

Enter here: https://my.raceresult.com/199649/registration

2022 Results: https://my.raceresult.com/199649/results

2019 RESULTS: https://my7.raceresult.com/131726/results?lang=en

Race overview

  • Scenic, accurately measured and certified 5 Mile race route, Welsh/UK Athletics Race Permit No. 2019-38867
  • Category Prizes / Race Memento / First Aid Provision & Water stations / Post-race refreshments and food available to purchase in park cafe
  • Race numbers are to be collected on the day / No entry fees can be refunded or deferred, even if the race is cancelled or re-schedule
  • Unfortunately the course is not suitable for wheelchair athletes 
  • Headphones / Personal Stereos are not to be worn at this race as marshal's instructions must be obeyed at all times, people contravening this rule will face disqualification

Parc Cwm Darren venue video - well worth watching!


Race Route and map

Starting on the West side of the lake, you proceed South for 400m then turn North to do two laps of the park, before turning back in alongside the lake to fiish near the amphitheatre.
Certified, accurate course - No. 19/419

Entry costs

Affiliated (inc. RunBritain members): £11
Unaffiliated: £13
Race limit is 150 runners
Minimum age is 15 years of age on race day.

Pre-race safety briefing information

You are responsible for being suitably fit and healthy to complete this event. Although all of the course is on a tarmac path or road, we do not have exclusive use of it so please observe the normal rules of traffic and obey any instructions given by the marshals. There are a number of anti-vehicle bollards in the centre of the path, please take care when passing these. If possible warn other runners of their presence. Unless otherwise directed by a marshal stay on the left hand side of the route. If you injure yourself or see anyone hurt please inform the nearest marshal. There will be first aid cover during the event. There are several access points where spectators can watch the race, please observe any instructions given by a marshal at these points.
Please note: Caerphilly council charge for parking at this venue, the cost is £3 for all day. Please ensure you have the correct change for the pay and display machine. Currently (August 2022) this charge for parking is not in place, the parking is currently free.

Are you fit to run?

It is the participants responsibility to ensure that they are physically fit to run and have adequately prepared themselves

Water stations

One water station is planned to be on the course and one at the finish.

Prize presentations and results

The awards ceremony will take place at race headquarters at around Noon. On race day, provisional results will be displayed at race headquarters as soon as available. 
Results link: https://my.raceresult.com/199649/results
Results will also be posted on the San Domenico website as soon as possible after the race: www.sandomenico.uk

Race categories, team competitions and course records

Female - 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
1st in each of the following age categories - FV35, FV45, FV55, FV65+.

Male - 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
1st in each of the following age categories - MV35, MV45, MV55, MV65+..

Course records

2018 records shown below - to be updated for 2022.

Nicola JukesParc Bryn Bach RC32:35
Female V35-44Bethan Cambourne39:27
Female V45-54Nicola JukesParc Bryn Bach RC32:35
Female V55-64Kath JervisParc Bryn Bach RC45:21
Female V65+Brenda AveryChepstow Harriers41:24
Female TeamParc Bryn Bach RC
MaleDaniel BodmanAberdare AAC27:33
Male V34-44Lee Gwyn34:18
Male V45-54Robert WhiteBuxton AC28:33
Male V55-64Peter ColesPontypridd Roadents AC31:33
Male V65+Neil LloydParc Bryn Bach RC34:49
Male Team
Pontypridd Roadents AC


By bus: Service 1 - Bargoed to Merthyr, Service 4 - Bargoed to Tredegar.

By bike: Use the Darran Valley cycleway from Bargoed or Fochriw.

By car: The entrance is midway between Deri and Fochriw (to the north of Bargoed). Post code CF81 9NR


Photos - © 2018 Johnny Lam.

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