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Fell Race Kit - Not really as daunting a requirement as people tend to think 2 years 5 days ago #1861

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The general rule is have these with you in the car
1. Windproof/Waterproof top
2. Windproof/Waterproof trousers
3. Waist bag
4. Compass
5. Whistle
Also it is a good plan for longer events to have a hat and gloves available.

So going through the items.
1. If there is any runner in the UK that doesn't have this I'd be surprised.
2. Possibly a bit more niche but these are not really all that exotic, any outdoor supplier has these e.g. a random search gave me
3. Another search (Nike just came up first, other brands exist) www.amazon.co.uk/nike-running-belt/s?k=nike+running+belt
4. Another search www.amazon.co.uk/Compasses/b?ie=UTF8&node=461186031
5. Do I have to?

So then the agonised question is - "Do I have to run with all of this?"
Only if the race director says so or more usually you make a decision on how you think weather looks and take what you think you will need. I would estimate that of the fell races I have done which must be over 100 that kit has been enforced (or has been an entry requirement) maybe 20% of the time.
Apart from this I have carried an extra top probably 10% of the time.

"I have never used a compass- what do I do?" - Well I have never needed to consult one in a race as I haven't done the more orienteering end of things but if you are a total novice with no mountain experience then you probably need to get some before taking on a race that is not marked or is of any significant distance. Actually beyond running it is a useful practical life skill to be able to work out where you are which is to my mind 80% of navigation.

The idea of series such as the South Wales Winter Series is to get people used to mountain races in a relatively safe manner where navigation is not really an issue, but it can never hurt to have an idea of your surroundings.

Shoes - there is nothing stopping anyone doing a fell race in road shoes other than common sense and there is a whole spectrum of off-road shoes from slightly tarted-up road shoes, trail shoes, cross-country shoes (not spikes) to fully studded fell shoes. Inov8 have a shoe for every conceivable terrain.
The definitive retailer is www.peteblandsports.co.uk/
The definitive Inov8 model for fell racing is called Mudclaw
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