Parc Cwm Darran 5 Miler 2022
Race date is Sunday 21st August 2022, 10AM Start

Direct entry link:


(usually meet at 6:50PM, run starts at 7PM)

Tuesday 5th. July, Civic Centre, meet at access road to Bute Park, north of School of Music, 19.00 hrs

Wednesday 6th. July, Cosmeston Relays, 19.00 hrs start.

Thursday 7th. July, Penylan Community Centre, CF23 5AS, 19.00 hrs

Tuesday 12th. July, Rose Inn 4 mile race, Redwick, 19.30 hrs

Thursday 14th July, 4 mile handicap race, Maenllwydd Inn, Rudry, CF83 3EB, 19.00 hrs

Tuesday 19th July, 2 mile time trial, Lake Spice Restaurant, Roath Park, CF23 5PG, 19.00 hrs

Thursday 21st. July. Penylan Community Centre, CF23 5AS, 19.00 hrs

Tuesday 26th. July, Heath Park, meet at car park by miniature railway, King George V Drive East, CF14 4AW, 19.00 hrs

Thursday 28th. July,  Penylan Community Centre, CF23 5AS, 19.00 hrs

Following the latest guidelines in Wales, there’s is now a limit of 50 on the number of club members who can attend training sessions, as we usually do not exceed this limit there is no need to pre-book.

Covid-19 is still with us and is still a risk, so please don’t attend a session if you feel unwell in any way on the day, are in a period of self-isolation, or have developed any of the following symptoms in the previous seven days – a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; loss of or change to your sense of taste and / or smell.

A register will be kept of all attendees, so if you are diagnosed with Covid-19 or have any of the symptoms within 14 days following a training session you attended, please contact the session organiser and report this using the NHS COVID-19 App –


A running and multisport club based in Cardiff, Wales. Affiliated to Welsh Athletics, Welsh Triathlon and Cycling Time Trials. We have a wide range of members who run at anything from 5 to 12 minute miling in road races, cross country and multi-terrain competitions, as well as a contingent of triathletes and cyclists. The aim of the club is to have fun, feel healthy and achieve personal goals.


It's always best to come along and run with us a few times before joining. The aim of the club is to have fun, feel healthy and achieve personal goals whilst also enjoying the benefits of training with a club. If you want to become a member then the cost is £30 per year (the year runs from 1st April to 31st March) and includes mandatory membership of Welsh Athletics (£17.50 included). We also provide a discounted price of £17.50 per year for students and the unemployed.
As a member you will need to purchase a club running vest, these are available in both men's and ladies sizes (from S to XL) at a subsidised cost of £10 for your first one and £15 for each one thereafter.

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